About Us

About us

Leveraging our industry experience in entity formation and management for UK companies in the US, Aurora Consulting was established in 1998 to expand services to US companies wanting to access the European market.

We have worked with numerous transatlantic companies to help them establish a presence abroad and to achieve their growth objectives… and we hope to serve your needs in the same way.

Clarissa Wolman

UK based Attorney who has overseen corporate governance among medical device companies, her 14 years of experience serves the needs of Aurora Consulting's clients in achieving compliance perfection.

Janice Singleton

Formerly a legal analyst for the UK government's Company House, Janice understands the UK regulatory process, making the process for US companies who wish to establish themselves in the UK seamless.

Demtri Yolam

A New York licensed attorney, Demtri has been working in London for six years helping companies in both the US, Europe and the UK establish operations. He is unique for understanding the entity formation process on both continents.

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